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October 19, 2017

The 5 Stages Of A Racing Cycle

oiselle running hannah calvert

Racing doesn't just involve showing up on race day and crossing the finish line. Obviously the most glorious part is the actual even itself, but choosing to race is choosing to take on the whole race life cycle. From getting the courage to make the mental decision to race, selecting your race, committing to training, showing up and performing on race day, to the final glorious post-race celebration (mostly involving food and beer). So, since the cycle in its entirety can be a monster to take on, we broke it down into five stages with blogs from the archives. Here you have the full racing life cycle.

October 19, 2017

Do Yoga Outside (Yes, Even In Winter)

erin taylor jasyoga oiselle running

You don’t let weather derail your run, so don’t let it derail your Reset—your ability to find more balance anytime, anywhere. The best way to use yoga to optimize your running is to do relevant things daily—a little bit goes a super long way when you practice in a way that directly address the demands of your mileage. But how to fit it in to your cray day? Do it first thing, outside, when your run is done. As soon as you head back inside, insta/shower/snack/work/life are way more likely to make it fall by the wayside, so press pause on all those things and get it done with this quick post-run Reset—the key being that it only takes a couple minutes. You’ll ease stiffness and tension in all your key running muscles, and more fully absorb the benefits of the work you’ve just done. In other words, you’ll get more out of your run by doing this after. Plus, you’ve got all day to be inside, and you’ll feel better for each breath of fresh air you get.