October 21, 2014

Flystyle on the Streets

Kate Grace

A running wardrobe should live multiple identities - your favorite top for a track workout, your go-to tank for layering on a night to the movies, and those tights you can't live without under an autumn dress. After looking through all of your latest looks in the Flystyle Gallery, it inspired me to share my own ways to mix and match a few new pieces for Fall. Here we go, letting the photos do the talking. Enjoy! 

October 17, 2014

Why Smaller Marathons are Awesome!

Kristin Metcalf

When it comes to marathons, there is no question that the big ones are pretty freakin' amazing. But that being said, Volée member, Rebecca Trachsel tells us why smaller marathons really are better! Rebecca has run many road races with some of those being the big ones like Boston but with her years of experience she has settled on the smaller marathons as her jam.