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October 14, 2015

Training Life in Wisconsin with Caitlin Comfort

Kristin Metcalf

Haute Volée Caitlin Comfort is coming off of an amazing marathon debut this last June at Grandma's Marathon with a time of 2:35.29. She spends most of her year in Verona, Wisconsin and then part of the year in Flagstaff where she spends with coach Stephanie Bruce. We've given you a glimpse into her time in Flagstaff and now Caitlin gives you a glimpse into what fall training look like in Wisconsin.

October 14, 2015

Who Am I? Jess Barnard Ready to Fly

We received this story from Haute Volée, Jess Barnard, before she made the decision to spread her wings and fly to Bend, OR to train with Little Wing. We are moved and inspired by her courage to not only share hardships from her past, but for her positive outlook on the future and what lies ahead. And fly she will...looking forward to getting her bearings in Bend and a solid base for Spring '16.