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September 02, 2015

Coming Back from Injury - Haute Volée Lauren Penney

Kristin Metcalf

Five months ago I was writing about how happy I was to return to running after a calcaneal stress reaction that knocked me out of the indoor season. Unfortunately, about a mile into the Payton Jordan 5k my foot started to hurt more than it had in any workout. I tried to push through for a couple more laps, but I could tell something was wrong. For the first time in my running career, I walked off the track before finishing.

August 27, 2015

Fierce Flyer - Allie Bigelow

Heather Stephens

Allie discovered running later in life after previous athletic endeavours, first as a competitive gymnast and later as a coxswain. From the time she started running in her twenties her "big dream" was to race as a masters runner; you've probably never seen a woman happier to turn 40! A long-time Volée team member, Allie hails from North Carolina and uses her mad organizational skills to corral our growing NC team. She's a master of injury recovery and can run 15 miles on a treadmill without complaining.