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October 15, 2014

Marathon Madness Review

Kristin Metcalf

The end of September was full of excitement with the start of our Marathon Madness season! Last week was jam-packed with fun contests all culuminating with the announcement of the fabulous Stephanie Bruce to the Oiselle run family. We are continuing to follow some of our Olympic Trials hopefuls with our Standard Chasers blog and on top of that finding great joy following so many of you and your races in the next month.

October 10, 2014

Stephanie Bruce! Get in here, we love you!

Once upon a springtime marathon, Eugene 2011 to be exact, two important paths crossed: women with food (Lauren and Steph launching Picky Bars) and women with clothes (@oiselle_mac and team). Like chocolate and peanut butter, good things were bound to happen. At the time, we were just starting our fangirl nation, and as always, meeting heroes is a huge rush...