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April 08, 2014

Boston Q&A with Sara Bradley

This is my second time racing Boston and, after the tragic events that unfolded last year, I feel privileged to have made the cut again. As a New England-er, Boston is the ultimate goal for any marathon runner. After one of my first 5k's my Uncle Bill told me that he was waiting to see me run Boston- I genuinely scoffed, the idea of running that far was absurd! But the seed had been planted... He must have known something that I didn't, because only a couple years later there I was, waving to my whole family as I ran down Boylston.

April 07, 2014

Boston Q&A with Kristine Burgess

Last year was Kristine's first time ever racing Boston. Triumph was soon tainted with tragedy. This year she returns to Boston with remembrance in her heart, and fierce determination driving her legs. With sights set on a sub-3 hour performance and an unsettled score on Heartbreak Hill, Kristine sat down and revealed her pre-race preperation.