April 07, 2014

Boston Q&A with Kristine Burgess

Last year was Kristine's first time ever racing Boston. Triumph was soon tainted with tragedy. This year she returns to Boston with remembrance in her heart, and fierce determination driving her legs. With sights set on a sub-3 hour performance and an unsettled score on Heartbreak Hill, Kristine sat down and revealed her pre-race preperation.

April 02, 2014

My First Marathon

My very first marathon, many miles ago, I embarked on what would become a passion of mine at the Big Sur Marathon in April, 1989 when I was a junior at Santa Clara University.  My entry into the world of running was inspired by nothing more than the record setting pace I’d established 2 years earlier putting on the “Freshman 15”.  I had never run track, never dabbled in a “fun run”, and I didn’t even know what XC was.  But I did know that my college budget did not allow for purchasing a whole new wardrobe because I outgrew my original one, so I traded in the several glazed donuts I ate daily, for several daily miles instead.