April 14, 2014

My Heart Belongs to Boston

I ran my very first marathon on my 25th birthday. My whole family traveled to Quebec City to cheer me on. Their rendition of “Happy Birthday” even pulled me up a rather large hill. Just as any other first time marathoner, my goal was to finish. My time was 4:36:55. It was a far cry from a BQ, but I did my best and hobbled proudly for days after. It is now seven years later and I am able to say that this year will be my first Boston Marathon. It is a dream come true for me to even be able to "toe the line" on April 21st . I'm pretty sure Boston 2014 will be the race I tell my grandchildren about someday.

April 08, 2014

Catching up with Oiselle Minnesota!

While battling some injuries of her own, our guest blogger and Volée member Dani Stack took some time to interview two tough Minnesotan Oiselle chicks, Melissa Gacek and Hyedi Nelson. Each get a gold star for the winter… and then maybe a few more. Melissa is a current Haute Volee member, and Hyedi is one of Oiselle’s Volee members. Both of them were kind enough to take sometime out of their busy schedules to chat with me and take some BA winter pictures in some of their Oiselle gear.