February 06, 2014

Pros vs Joes: A Study in the Day of the Life

Sarah Lime

I got to chat with the Little Wing girls (CBabMelBetsy, and Fleshman) about life as a pro and how they were making the transition into somewhat literally, running for their lives. Lauren of course has years of experience and a fabled career of US titles, World Championship meets, and operating life around training cycles. But the three young guns, freshly removed from college without much of an idea of what’s “normal” after age 22, I was dying to pick their brains. Was “living the dream” all they thought it would be? Was it just like an extension to their NCAA days? Did they feel how I felt after taking my first career-building job and realizing briefcases and corner offices were on hold for at least 20 years and a cubicle with a non-stop ringing phone was the reality my fancy piece of diploma paper got me?

September 26, 2013

Little Wing Rising

Project Little Wing is settling into their new life in Bend Oregon. Betsy was the last Little Wing to arrive, just last week. Now she, Mel and Christine are living together in the Little Wing house, getting to know Bend, and ramping up their training with Lauren Fleshman. It's a whole new life for these three runners who picked up and moved everything to Bend to start chasing big dreams. We caught up with the group this week to see how things are going.