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August 09, 2017

What It Feels Like To Fly

oiselle running hannah calvert

Oh the action of flight, for some it evokes a fear that leaves them white knuckled sitting in a plane seat, and for others it's a superpower dreamt of since childhood. But, for pole vaulters it's a daily reality. An inevitable part of their favorite challenge, while willingly relying on a fiberglass pole to propel them through the air. Here are accounts of what it feels like to fly from pole vaulters Megan Clark, and Kristina Owsinski. 

August 06, 2017

Rest Day Brags

Introducing #restdaybrags. Created by my friends Amelia, Jonathan and Caroline to glorify rest, #restdaybrags is making resting great again and encouraging more people to enjoy their rest days and see it as a crucial part of training. I for one have enjoyed following their Instagram and seeing so many people embrace the movement. For my part, it has made me consider even more how to make my rest day brag worthy (room service french fries, anyone??). We interviewed the Rest Day Brags team to learn more about the message and movement (errr… you know what we mean).