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May 11, 2017

Roll Mama Stroller Running

Erin Taylor Jasyoga

I think we can all agree, mother runners: stroller running is no joke. As if running alone weren’t enough of a workout, pushing a kid while you run adds legit challenge. But running with the stroller often beats not getting to run at all. With all the extra weight to power forward and accompanying reaching in front of you required, it’s more important than ever to activate key muscles before you roll. Use this quick routine to activate your core, glutes, and upper back to go to work and reduce stroller strain, not to mention reduce your injury risk.

May 05, 2017

Race Travel Reset

Erin Taylor Jasyoga

Travelling can be just as hard on your body as your training, and for many runners, is part of the journey to the starting line. Whether you are flying short or long distance, or have a long drive planned, prolonged sitting is inevitable and can leave you feeling jetlagged, creaky, rigid, and sluggish. But it doesn’t have to. Use this quick routine to help shake off travel-related body sludge and calm pre-race nerves before you toe the line.