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March 23, 2017

Fierce Flyer - Joemarie Rodriguez And The Bucket List

If you ever met me, you will never believe I’ve only been running a few years. My love (ok, yes, my obsession) with running started back in 2012, and it started with an office bet to improve fitness (aka, lose weight). A Runner’s World magazine article introduced me to The Seven Continents Club. I wanted to learn more about this crazy idea of traveling the world and running races, so I googled it, and here I am, on my way to Antarctica… The article talked about these amazing trips around the world and listed the companies that can help you achieve these crazy dreams.

March 20, 2017

The Flyway - Life Is An Ultra

This past weekend I completed the most physically and mentally exhausting race of my life. I ran the Chuckanut 50K, 31 miles of mud, constant rain, snow, and 5000 overall feet of elevation gain. On the completion of this event, I realized that the experience, really sums up for me what running means to me, what it has brought into my life and how it has changed it and continues to change it. For anyone that has not done this race, the first and last 10K are run on a seemingly flat portion of the interurban trail. The last 10K seems to extend on forever into a never ending battle of mental torture.