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February 17, 2017

#WhereIFly - Introducing Oiselle x Sarah Attar

Megan Murray

We can’t deny that running offers us a powerful sense of place. The landscapes with which we share these activities become bound to us on a deeper level. And while our footsteps may fade, we carry the stories of these spaces with us through the world. Few capture this idea better than runner, photographer, and Olympian — Sarah Attar. An inspiring athlete, artist, and advocate of women’s rights - her photography celebrates the powerful, beautiful places we see while traveling on two feet. We catch up with Sarah on running, photography, and the collection designed to celebrate the incredible places we find ourselves flying.

February 14, 2017

The Subversive Act of Not Wearing Black Tights

While I am a proud feminist, a lawyer/law professor, and try to focus on all of the awesome things my (short, stocky) body has done for me (e.g., two kids), there was a moment when all I could hear was a voice saying "why on earth would she wear a print on THOSE thighs?!”