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June 15, 2017

Why I Run - Fierce Flyer Cammy Singh

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People often tell you to "stay strong" through difficult times in life. When I had my share of grief and loss four and a half years ago, I had no idea how I could possibly find the strength to face each day and stay strong. I was in full flight, fight or freeze mode and ‘running’ the longest race of my life. Everything in me was on the backburner… my physical and mental self were all consumed by grief and intense pain.

June 03, 2017

A Letter From Volée Shayla Dvorak

Near the end of college is supposed to be the time when a person discovers herself. It is all about change and that was true for me, too. Not only was I about to say goodbye to being a full-time student and athlete, but I was also beginning to say hello to the idea that I didn’t fit into some sort of pre-prescribed box. It was difficult and I struggled, but the running was and has always been the thing that helped. At first, I struggled to name what I was feeling and later, and since I’ve struggled with defining myself.