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January 08, 2018

Woman Up Fund: 2017 Report


Team has always been at the center of everything we do at Oiselle. So naturally, back when the Volée was born we intimately connected Volée memberships to our Haute Volée team ($25 from each Volée membership was immediately directly applied to support our Haute Volée). It has been so gratifying to watch this team linkage take shape and strengthen, and our Volée team can truly take credit for the success of our elites.

In 2017 we wanted to expand our team support vision, and created the Woman Up Fund. Starting last year, the $25 from each Volée membership that goes to the Woman Up Fund directly supports not only our Haute Volée team, but philanthropic projects that impact women and girls in sport.

We are very pleased to report that in 2017 the Woman Up Fund enabled the following and more...

January 02, 2018

Introducing Prologue

So it’s 2018. And we’d like to get things kicked off with a community Prologue. A setting of the stage, if you will. It’s the pause before the first step. It’s a gathering of ideas and information – and dreams and thoughts. It can be for the year, or simply the near term. It can be big and dreamy. Or it can quiet and personal. It can be something you share. Or it can be a secret note to the self.