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February 06, 2015

The New Runaway Bride Dress!

Oiselle is a love story. Yes, a love of runners and running. But back a little further, it's a woman turning to her husband with one of those, "okay honey, you might think I'm crazy but I have this idea..." moments to which his reply was a casual, "yeah, why not?" (That was before I leveraged our home and borrowed $15K from his parents...). Meet: the Runaway Bride Collection. 

February 02, 2015

SIZE MATTERS: The Story Behind the Oiselle Size Change

Not too long ago, the design team started feeling pinched. As in Oiselle’s size grade, XS to XL, was limiting the range of sizes we could offer you. XS to XL is five unique sizes, and in terms of doing more, we didn’t want to keep adding X’s for the outliers. XXXXXS or XXXXXL anyone? That didn’t meet our desire to help women feel included AND create an elegant size system.