February 06, 2013

The Sisterhood of the Perfect Pants

Sally Bergesen

It's February 2013, and if I'm being totally honest with you, I have to say it's taken me six years to make the perfect running pants (not tights or knickers, mind you, but full length, great fit pants that can be worn for speed or style). Why six years? God knows. It seems simple: two tubes and a waistband, right? But when you get into it. When you reallllly get into it, you learn that women are like snow flakes...unique majestic creatures who understand no two are alike: "My hips are wide, but I'm short..." "I have a tiny waist but a round rump..." "I have a long torso but short legs..." "I have strong thighs but two belly buttons..." and so on. 

January 11, 2013

My Fabric Obsession: Blame it on Mom

Sally Bergesen

I had a strange childhood in the sense that we had almost no money, but my mom had an obsession with quality fabrics, especially bedding. Organic cotton, high thread-count sheets, natural fibers…beautiful fabrics that lasted years and years – and many washings. And thus the idea that “if you buy the best, you only cry once” was learned at the knee.