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November 06, 2017

NYC: The Biggest Apple You'll Ever Bite

New York is my favorite and least favorite marathon. I hated the hell out of it in 2005…my first big attempt at sub-3:00, and my first big collision with the wall. As I walk-jogged my way through Central Park, my stomach and legs broke down like my husband’s old Dodge Omni, except without road side service. I vowed redemption and got it in 2013. And in the way that only running wisdom can teach us, it was a slower race but a bigger victory. From the negative split, to the Every Mother Counts support, to Oiselle teammates and coaching from Dr. Lesko and Lauren Fleshman, my 3:21 was more satisfying and life affirming than the sub-3:00’s. As part of the support crew, 2017 just made NYC my spiritual trifecta. So many reasons and moments. So much because!