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June 21, 2017

How To Crew An Ultra

Having crewed exactly one insane ultra, I’m not sure we’re the leading experts on the topic, but I can say we learned a few valuable lessons along the way. First off - relay life is predictably unpredictable and doesn’t that always make for the most amazing adventures? The journey may be of more importance than the final destination and if not, I can assure you it was at a minimum, a wild ride. So here we go. What you need to know about crewing an ultra-relay…

June 20, 2017

Birdstrike... The Rest Of The Story

I'm sure that after team Birdstrike got back from our total domination of the Speed Project 341-mile relay from the Santa Monica Pier to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, many Oiselle fans expected some sort of wild re-cap of the event from the mouth of (well, hand of, as I'm typing this) Jungle Chicken. I didn't write anything for a couple of reasons, both legitimate and lazy. First and most importantly, several of the other runners and crew members wrote beautifiul, moving, emotional and eloquent accounts of the event, so there was nothing much left for me to add. But there was also another reason... no one would have believed the real story....