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April 23, 2017

Oiselle Got Tenacious!


It’s been an epic couple of weeks for Oiselle. The Boston Marathon, with a huge team turnout. A Volée team opening. And now we are turning 10! Happy birthday to us! Plus, we had a baby: our first road race! In our hometown of Seattle, based at beautiful Gas Works Park. What a weekend of run love and good karma: the first sunny day of spring the day before the race, and rain that held off until all of our race tents were packed up. 

April 19, 2017

Boston Marathon Recap!

Heather Stephens

The Boston Marathon. What a beautiful beast. Where even to begin? Lesko and I flew into Boston on Friday night and landed at 1am east coast time. On Saturday morning, we hit the ground running (literally running) to get to the BAA5k on time. Upon arrival, you could feel the Boston buzz in the air. It was surreal. We were greeted by Volée teammates, some running the 5k, others prepping for their 26.2 on Monday, just there to get their cowbell on for our 20 teammates towing the line to race the 5k.