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August 01, 2012

My Favorite Shorts

There are 53 days left of summer, and by summer I mean "running shorts season". This inspired me to ask our teammates and Twitter friends what their favorite shorts were. Find out why people love what they do...and see them on a real live body! You might just be inspired to invest in a fresh pair of running shorts to replace one of those overworked ones in your drawer. You know the ones...

Runner: Meghan

Twitter: EnduroTwerd

Blog: Meghan's Wanderings

Favorite Shorts: Bum Wrap

Why: I've never owned a running skirt and have always thought of them as a 'pink it and shrink it' sort of ploy - making running somehow more feminine (as if it wasn't already), less athletic and less competitive.  To me they just added unnecessary bulk and on a girl with no hips I didn't find them flattering.  But then I saw the bum wrap online I was drawn to it for several reasons.  One, the focus seemed more on the compression shorts underneath.  Providing a more athletic look and functioning like a speed short.  Two, the wide band at the top is a flattering look especially on us non-curvy figures.  And three, the length of the wrap is subtly feminine that doesn't add bulk and maintains that speedy feel.  When it arrived I was still tentative but putting it on for the first time and running a leg of the Ragnar Relay in it I'm sold.  I didn't even notice that it was a "skirt" while I ran.  To me it felt like any other speed short.  Not to mention - my butt just looks good in it!

Runner: Becky

Twitter: Bleung

Blog: Fierce Runner

Favorite Shorts: Stride Short

Why: The Stride short is one of my favorite shorts to run in because it hugs on me comfortably and makes me feel confident when I run. It has really high quality material with a great amount of stretch so there is no restriction when I'm running, making me run really fast. Plus it makes every woman's booty look great!

Runner: Mac

Twitter: Oiselle_Mac

Blog: Running Starfish

Favorite Shorts: Long Roga

Why: I love the Long Roga because there is nothing else like it. When you need or want a fuller coverage short that doesn't look mum or frump, there is nothing else like the Long Roga. The same flattering design as the original Roga with add length and a big side zip pocket in addition to the back zip. This is THE trail running short. And perfect for hiking.

Runner: Kelly

Twitter: KellyWils0n

Blog: Running Kellometers

Favorite Shorts: Lori Short

Why: They don't ride up. They are flattering in the "behind" region much more so than other shorts I've tried, while also having room at the same time. The built-in underwear is soft and the inside pocket is much larger than I'm used to (in a good way). They were my gateway to the Oiselle brand and I haven't looked back! :) (Full blog review here)

Runner: Jen

Twitter: Local Elite

Blog: Local Elite

Favorite Shorts: Violet Rogas

Why: I love the roga short in general, for the lightweight feel, the perfect fit and because they just look great! I get so many compliments on the violet roga. Everyone loves the color (and I do too)!

Runner: Sarah

Twitter: SarahOUaL

Blog: Once Upon A Lime

Favorite Shorts: Distance or Roga (Distance pictured)

Why: An inseam long enough to cover but not too long to creep, and a looser leg opening that's magically un-poofy...  

In short: Fast legs, hot buns! (not to mention the side zipper pocket is big enough for an iPhone!)

 Roga review here.


Runner: Sarah K (AKA Lucy)

Twitter: RunnerLucy

Favorite Shorts: Distance Short

Why: I love the distance short for the carrying capacity. I love how Oiselle pockets stuff up and the distance short has the max! I use the side pocket for a key, the back pocket for a gel and credit card (for after run treat). I also love the light, almost weightless feeling of the fit and material. It is like a classic running short without being nerdy-short or poofy and it makes me feel speedy!

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