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November 26, 2017

What It's Like to Run Your First 50 Miler

I'll be honest running my first 50 miler was really tough. I went from rolling along faster than I expected in the first 17 Miles to then trying to manage leg cramps from 20 on. Then at 26 I was coming down a really technical downhill section and rolled my ankle pretty bad. I honestly thought that was my end right of the race. Someone came along and offered my aspirin —never took anything during a race before. But it was that or DNF. I told myself going in that as long as I was able to move forward at a pace that the race allowed, I was doing this. I don’t purport to be the best mountain runner by a million years, but I did believe in myself to just keep digging.

November 21, 2017

#BardBird - The North Face 50k Recap

This weekend was a big weekend for trail running! It marked the end of the season for many athletes before the holidays and a period of downtime and recovery from racing. On the east coast and the west coast, two of the nation’s most competitive and prestigious ultras were run: The JFK 50 Mile and The North Face Endurance Challenge (50 mile championships, 50k, 26.2, and Marathon-Relay). Devon Yanko and Sarah Bard were in attendance at The North Face 50. Crewing, cheering, tweeting, and soaking up the run-community love on a gorgeous Marin day.