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May 03, 2013

What's new In the Racing World?

Kristin Metcalf

This month we added a new member to Oiselle Team: Regina Joyce. Regina has been a pillar of consistency in the Seattle running scene since she came to the University of Washington as a college runner. She was the NCAA champion in the 3k in 1981 and the NCAA runner up in 1982. In 1984 she competed for Ireland in the Los Angeles Olympics and finished 23rd in the marathon. After becoming a US citizen in 1993 she competed in US Olympic Trials marathon in 1996 and again finished 23rd. She held the 3k, 5k, and 10k records at the

July 10, 2013

Introducing: Project Little Wing

It all started with Jesse Thomas (Lauren's husband) going to High School in Bend, Oregon. Over the following 15 years: Jesse goes to Stanford, Jesse bewitches Lauren, Lauren bewitches Jesse, love, a wedding, a reckless but intentional night of passion resulting in Limabean, a few stops along the way, and Lauren and Jesse ultimately decide to base themselves in Bend. Sarah and Bob Lesko also are Bend lovers, and upon further inspection all realized that Bend might be the best training grounds in the country...