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June 02, 2017

Introducing National Sports Bra Squad Day

Save the date! We’re ditching our shirts and inhibitions on Saturday June 24th for a new national holiday - National Sports Bra Squad Day!



The #SportsBraSquad started as a way for women to ditch their shirts along with their insecurities, and show the world what strength looks like. In 2015, the National Eating Disorders Association found that 70% of women don’t like their bodies. 70%! That’s a disappointing and frustrating statistic and the only way we can combat the self loathing and hatred women feel towards their bodies is to change the way we see strength.

But ditching your shirt for the first time can be terrifying! There's strength in numbers which is why on June 24th, Sports Bra Squads around the world will be coming together to show the world that our bodies are strong as hell!

Join one of our official group runs, organize your own, or fly solo! As long as you’re out there - owning the streets and feeling the freedom, you’re celebrating right. Tag @oiselle and use #NationalSportsBraSquadDay and #SportsBraSquad in social to share the fun.


SEATTLE - Saturday June 24th at 10am at Oiselle University Village

SACRAMENTO - Saturday June 24th at 9am, Sacramento State side of the Guy West Bridge

NEW YORK - Saturday June 24th at 3pm, Finish Line Physical Therapy

LOS ANGELES - Saturday June 24th at 9am at Griffith Observatory Trails

LONG BEACH - Saturday June 24th at 7:30am at Belmont Brewing

*Check back as we update with more meet-ups + details!

Want to host a run? Use #NationalSportsBraSquadDay + #[Your City] to let your friends in on the fun.

Sports Bras On. Shirts Off. LET’S DO THIS!

- Kelly & The Nest

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