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December 19, 2016

Top 20 Haute Volée Winter Running Hacks

Heather Stephens

It’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s sleety and rainy. The motivation that was once burning bright is dimming to a low flicker. Our Haute Volée are pros at keeping on with their training. A little weather can’t stop, won’t stop them from getting out there and putting in the work. We tapped them for their tips, tricks and hacks for taking care of business through all kinds of winter weather. 


“To make the transition outside into relief instead of dread, I'll do my warm up routine in front of the heater vent. Then I'm ready for fresh air. On really low motivation days I say, you only have to run one mile. 99.9% of the time after that mile is done, I'm loving it and stay out much longer.”



“Layer up with my Quill Jacket, Wazzie Wool Long Sleeve, a tank, Flyte Shorts, Moto Lesley Tights, Mittens, Gaiter, Power Stretch Headband, Stance Crew Socks, and my Yeti while I drink hot tea. That way I get so hot indoors that I can't take it and I strip down to the appropriate level and go!”


“Tuck it in and hike it up! I always tuck in my first layer so I don't get a cold draft on my stomach. Once I've warmed up after a couple miles I untuck my shirt and it's a perfect temp change for the rest of my run.”



“Layer up. Double Gaiter FTW. Also, mittens over gloves all day every day (maybe that's obvious?). They keep my fingers much warmer. If it's really cold include your thumb in the main mitten compartment! Separate thumb sleeve makes it so sad and icy.”



“Wearing a wind-stopping layer such as Wallace or Vim jackets. And if it gets below -20ish (you know it does in MN!), I use Vaseline to protect any exposed skin from the wind.”


“Take an extra set of gloves/mittens for long runs! If your hands get wet and cold go for the back up pair. I carry mine in my jacket pocket or tucked into the side of my tights. I'm very partial to the soft shell mitten. Great wind protection and water resistance!”



“So possibly a little bit of a cheat for a winter running hack... but there’s a coffee shop I love that’s about 8 miles away … My husband goes there for work meetings two mornings a week… they also make my favorite winter spice latte … so if I get my butt out of bed to run there, I get a latte, and a ride home!” 


“I am not a dreadmill runner. On days I struggle to get out the door when it is cold, I tell myself to only run for 10 minutes, and I throw on an extra-warm layer. 9 times out of 10, though, I hit that 10th minute, ditch a layer, and realize I don't want to stop!”



“Wearing the Lux Earband under the Flock Beanie. Warm up in the combo and when things get hot your ears stay warm with you take your beanie off.”


“Vests - virtually never too heavy of a layer to add but enough to block the wind and make you feel like you've actually bundled up to face the cold.”



"Swap the water bottle for a hot water filled thermos post long run. Add a grapefruit slice... clutch. All about the vests. All about the puff. Quill and Vigor in constant rotation."


“Layers, layers, layers from head to toe, both for fingers and toes! After dynamic stretching in my house I'll hop on our spin bike for 5-10 min all bundled up (minus my hat, gloves, mittens, outer pants and vest) and get my blood pumping and core temp up. This way when I run out the door I'm ready to go with my warm layers AND have already built up a small buffer of warmth.”



Get warm before you go out the door. Do 30 seconds of jumping jacks, burpees, squat jumps, dancing, indoors with all your warm #flystyle on before you brace the cold. You'll warm up much quicker.


“If you're a morning runner, wake up 30 minutes or so before your run for coffee, water, a bite to eat. It makes heading out into the cold a lot easier when you're awake! Also, put your watch on overtop and higher up on your sleeve. This way you aren't searching through layers to know when to start that next interval.”



“I pick out my outfit the night before so I'm ready to roll with my beanie, headlamp and gloves.”


“Never second guess your decision to get out there. It's too easy to keep postponing a run with fingers crossed that the weather will get better. Stick to the time you set the day before and just get it done!”



“In North Dakota, braving the cold means letting your car warm up to drive your to the gym and braving your workout on a treadmill. Safety first. Ice covered roads and -30 wind chill is not safe to run in. Treadmill workouts can help build mental toughness. #flystyle at the gym is hot too!”


"Sometimes a long sleeve isn't enough, but a jacket is too much. My hack....wearing a tank top under my long sleeve for an extra layer against my core. That usually does the trick. If it's snowing or raining, I'll wear the vigor vest over the long sleeve instead of a tank under. Or just listening to my boyfriend, Matt, when it comes to winter wear. He's a nordic skier, so he has quite a few tricks up his sleeve....and he's always right (even if I try and fight it)."



"Layers+Loops. When it's really cold out, I put on way to many layers then devise a route that lets me shed as I go!"


“Lately I've been wearing my Roga Track Pants over my Oiselle tights. Definitely helps me get out the door for some frigid Midwest miles.”


Good luck out their birds! Share your dangerous women, dangerous weather winter running photos with hashtag #oiselledwdw!



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