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June 07, 2017

Global Running Day - Pass The Baton!

You women are crushing it! The #OiselleWorldRelay baton has been to the Philippines, China, Australia, New Zealand, London, cities all across the U.S and more! Here are some of our favorites...

@HEATHERRUNS13_1 #OiselleWorldRelay #CDT


@LMHALCORN #OiselleWorldRelay #MST


@RUNWUNEOPINE  #OiselleWorldRelay #EST


@ENDZDIJAMCO #OiselleWorldRelay #PHT


@FORMINFOCUS #OiselleWorldRelay #CETZ




@BONEALL #OiselleWorldRelay #MZT


@GRAMMARISSA #OiselleWorldRelay #CST 




Our goal is to get participation in every time zone. Birds flying near and far. Women running around the world in the name of ferocity, freedom, and fun. The day isn't over! So grab your #badassladygang and get in on the action. Here’s how to grab the baton.


  • Take a picture of yourself running in your favorite #flystyle
  • Post in Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram
  • Tag @Oiselle (so we can find you!)
  • Use #OiselleWorldRelay + #[Your Time Zone Abbreviation] ex. #OiselleWorldRelay #EST
  • Follow Oiselle to follow the fun!

Don’t forget to like us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram - we’ll be sharing your posts and watching the baton move across the world!

Wings Out! It’s A World Takeover!

- The Nest

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