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The Flock
July 02, 2015

Core Strength to Optimize Your Running

Erin Taylor Jasyoga

If you’re serious about running your best, you should be serious about keeping your core strong. When it comes to the core, one of the biggest problems for runners is that form suffers as the miles add up and your abs gets tired, allowing your spine to round forward (we all have race pictures to prove it). This also reduces your breath capacity, which decreases your endurance.

June 16, 2015

Fierce Flyer - Natalie Busby

Heather Stephens

This year, as we've expanded our Oiselle Team membership to hundreds of women across the country and various parts of the world, we’ve been introduced to an amazingly diverse and talented group, both in running and in their professional fields. With the support of a team, we as individuals are better able to achieve our athletic endeavors and reach our full potential by encouraging one another to dream big and tackle our most far-reaching goals.