The Flock
January 23, 2013

Yoga for Dummy (Runners)

Sally Bergesen

I’m a yoga dummy. A self-proclaimed reluctant yogi. (If you’re reluctant, can you even be a yogi?) No matter! The important thing is that I've seen how yoga can improve my running and flexibility. I wouldn’t have said this six months ago…before meeting Erin Taylor, the Founder of JasYoga, Seattle’s local, custom-to-your-needs yoga service that works with everyone from newbies to hardcore athletes to everyone in between (like Oiselle HQ staff!)

January 15, 2013

South by Southwest - Kate Grace

Howdy Partners, and hello from Phoenix, AZ. I'm stationed here for the month of January: living with Julie Culley, focusing in on the upcoming season, and slurping up as much knowledge as I can from a slew of Olympians. It's a pretty ideal setup. And like many happenings this year, a completely new situation for me. To pass forward this great opportunity, I wanted to share a bit about what I'm doing here to start off the year (the calm before the storm).