The Flock
September 25, 2012

Kate Grace - Big Apple Win at 5th Avenue Mile

Big Apple Win
I'm standing in the middle of the street, looking down Manhattan's stick straight avenue as far as I can, and all I see is... open. No cars, no congestion. It's a runner’s fantasy. Mine, at least, since first fighting with clogged sidewalks and busy streets in search of Central Park. Except, this is no dream. This is Saturday, me, standing at the start of New York Road Runner's annual 5th Avenue Mile. And, in a slightly nightmarish twist, all the lights are red.

August 22, 2012

Jasyoga stopped by HQ!

Stretching after a long run or workout is like watching paint dry. Hence, I don't do it for very long if at all! On Monday, HQ brought in the pro, Jasyoga owner/founder Erin Taylor to teach our runner bodies a thing or two about a new concept - yoga made specifically for runners. And this was the result...