The Flock
May 29, 2013

Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy

Sally Bergesen

When Fleshman joined the nest on Jan 1st, we knew we wanted mix it UP! We wanted to turn the athlete-sponsor relationship upside down, sideways, and shake out the change. We saw the power of Fleshman Nation, and for whatever reason, she saw something in us. And so it, product collaboration, business strategy, marketing send-ups, and PickyBars shenanigans (who doesn't want to hang with the PickyBars crew?! They have too much fun!) We started to create a new path and a new kind of partnership.

May 23, 2013

How Zen Yoda Running Master You Will Become

Last week, a few of the questions had a similar theme: what I do to stay on my mental game. I figured there was enough unity to the responses that it warranted a separate post. Below are a few of the strategies I have found useful over the years, to avoid pre-race nerves, to focus but not obsess about training, to keep balance.