The Flock
March 17, 2014

Westward, March! What's Next for Kate Grace

Kate Grace

Since starting on the professional running path, I have been a sponge to knowledge. In the past few months, it became clear that I had to take the next step. To start acting on some of those ideas, not just dreaming about them. Part of that process of discovery includes realizing things about myself - that to be happy and full, to live a life with fewer masks, I had to head back home, to the West Coast.

February 19, 2014

Upper Body Stretches For Runners

Erin Taylor Jasyoga

As a runner, you might be quick to stretch your hips and hammies (hopefully!), but your upper bod needs some lovin’, too! When overlooked, stiffness in the chest and shoulders can mess up your form and steal your endurance — not to mention hurt your performance. The solution? Open up that chest! This three-pose sequence will effectively stretch your pecs and shoulders so that you can maintain stronger posture and upper body form when you run.