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The Flock
March 26, 2013

Mama Says No Major Life Decisions in March

Et tu, Minnesota? Beware the Ides of March, especially if you are a Roman emperor and/or live in a Northern climate and think you are going to be able to start running outside anytime soon  amidst the soul-renewing sounds of robins chirping and the spirit-lifting sights of baby bunnies and lambs frolicking around. I mean, it’s rare to see lambs in the city, anyway, but you can really forget about seeing any in March around these parts!

February 27, 2013

Things About Myself That I Don't Want to Know

Would you want to know the exact date and manner of your own death? Would you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you? Would you want to know your body fat percentage, or your ultimate potential as a runner, or whether people have secretly been laughing at the ridiculous manner in which you run? For me, the answers to these questions are no, yes, no, no, and NO!