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The Flock
May 29, 2013

Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy

Sally Bergesen

When Fleshman joined the nest on Jan 1st, we knew we wanted mix it UP! We wanted to turn the athlete-sponsor relationship upside down, sideways, and shake out the change. We saw the power of Fleshman Nation, and for whatever reason, she saw something in us. And so it, product collaboration, business strategy, marketing send-ups, and PickyBars shenanigans (who doesn't want to hang with the PickyBars crew?! They have too much fun!) We started to create a new path and a new kind of partnership.

April 02, 2013

Fireside with Fleshman - We Still Make a Baby in our Body!

Sally Bergesen

As most of you know, Lauren Fleshman became part of the Oiselle family, as a runner and partner, as of January 1st.  Before then, signing Lauren seemed like a crazy fantasy. As much as we wanted to, did we have a shot of working with such a huge running star? Of course, we were total superfans…we had followed her, cheered for her, and anxiously awaited each blog post…but we weren’t alone…as we learned at the 2012 Olympic Trials, pretty much everyone in Eugene casually indicated they were “a friend of Lauren’s” which is telling of her personality. Fast forward to the present, and three months into working together. Bottom line, the quality of the partnership is beyond anything we had imagined. And a big part of that has been an immediate feeling of kinship in which we’ve shared so much about each other…not just our histories, but our hopes and dreams for the future; for running, for the business of running, and for every aspect of the sport we love.