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The Flock
October 27, 2014

Every Downhill Has an Uphill

In September we received each Runner's World cover with our sister hero, Kara Goucher, on the cover. We gathered around the meeting table and laid them out by date. Sally got Kara on the phone, put her on speaker and we oo'd and aww'd over each, asking which one was her favorite. There are so many memories behind each of these years - from running, becoming a mother, changing coaches, changing hometowns, and joining new run families along the way. We asked Kara to tell her highlights and challenges of each year, reflecting on the past as she takes on a new challenge at the NYC Marathon this Sunday!

June 30, 2014

Your First Time...Cheering at the Track

Sarah Lime

Listen up fellow Fan Girls and Boys, Passively Interested Spectators, and Curious Fence Sitters! This is a big week in Track and Field… USA Outdoor Championships! Where all the best Americans who write “Professional Runner” on their 1040 tax forms (and some undergrads) line up to fight for the right to be called #1 in their event.