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June 24, 2012

Fleshman Flyer Tee Giveaway

Calling all Lauren Fleshman fans!! You know that Lauren will be toeing the line for the women's 5,000m on Monday at 6:05pm at Hayward. She's been battling an IT band injury for months, but isn't giving up hope. She is asking the stadium to throw up a 'c' for courage and we will be there to show the love.

In fact we created a special tee for her fans. And we want to get it in your hands in time for the race. It's FREE!! Just meet Sally and I at the corner of 19th and Agate street (by Prince Pucklers) today (6/24) at 4:00pm and throw a 'c' or say 'fleshman flyer' and we'll get you a tee! Of course while supplies last.... so run don't walk! Men's tees also available.

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