June 17, 2015

Bird Camp South - Retreat Highlights

Kristin Metcalf

Last week 19 members of Oiselle team came together for a running camp at ZAP Fitness in Blowing Rock, NC. A dream that Allie Bigelow and Mary Winchester had last fall after hearing about the first annual Bird Camp in Bend, they decided that planning a smaller regional camp for their teammates would be a great experience to have as well. Allie spent a lot of time organizing the details of the camp and tells us about her experience at camp with her teammates.

June 02, 2015

Bird Swim 2015 Behind the Scenes

Sarah Mac

Swim 2015 landed last Friday! Fresh new hues and patterns ready for action. Come behind the scenes on this year's photoshoot. It was a bright, hot, sunny day in Seattle on May 21st. We finally hit a perfect day of weather after a streak of bad photoshoot luck. We had the incomparable Lauren Fleshman Flyer and Jessica Barnard here to model, and our dream team of photographer, stylist and photo assistants. Couldn't have asked for more!