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October 13, 2016

Oiselle’s Art and Science of Puff

Puffy coats. Puffy vests. Puffy bras. (Okay, no bra, but don’t put it past me…we have a fleece bra coming out this year). Turns out puff is a powerful force. Jackets are best for the frigid cold; that ticket to the outdoors all winter long. But for the modern woman, the vest is might be her number one go-to. One part armor and storage maker, and one part warmth and finishing layer… the vest is wings out all day long.

October 12, 2016

Where You Fly

Heather Stephens

We challenged you a few weeks back to show where your legs go fast and your heart goes free. Thank you for sharing the places you go to fill your soul on the run! Here are some amazing running spots from the #whereifly challenge...