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January 21, 2014

Amanda Mergaert moves to Davis, CA

Kristin Metcalf

Last summer after watching Amanda Mergaert impressive racing skills at USA Championship, we were ecstatic to announce her addition to the Oiselle Haute Volée team. Amanda reveals her thoughts on her recent move from Salt Lake City, UT to Davis, CA to train with an exceptional group of professional athletes and their coach, Drew Wartenburg.

January 15, 2014

Get to Know the New Tights

Sarah Mac

Spring 2014 brings two new tights to the line up! The Go Joggings (+ Charcoal Joggings) and the Flow Tight. The basic black tight is a staple and finding the right one for your body and workouts is the ticket to running happiness (among other things). So let's take a closer look at the line-up.