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March 14, 2013

Picky Bra


I am perhaps the pickiest running bra shopper alive. Often, bras that are supportive enough are too compressive across the ribcage and make me gasp. If the straps are thin, they rub my clavicles, if they are thick they are annoying and gather sweat. I am not one of those “nipples only” lady runners. There is some tissue there. In college, when my distance ladies all decided to go for a fancy-free topless run in the Florida Everglades, I lasted about 30 seconds (ouch!) and had to deal with strained ligaments (yes, they have ligaments). And sadly, after 3 pregnancies and 3 lactation marathons, the tensile strength of that tissue is sorely lacking. When I first met @oiselle_sally back in fall 2010, I fell in love with Oiselle and the product. But I continued to cheat on Oiselle with running bras. Oiselle bras were a little too flimsy for me, not supportive enough.