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October 22, 2017

Recover Like An Olympian

oiselle running hannah calvert

As my college coach used to always say in August… “this is your time to train like a pro”. Obviously we loved when he said that. We all wanted to emulate the actions of our running heroes (and she-roes). We knew what our coach meant was that it was the one month where we didn’t have school, we all took time off work, and our sole responsibility was to train and take care of our bodies. We had ALL DAY to focus on running but then again… we had all day. How were we supposed to fill that time? What did pros actually do? How do you focus on recovery throughout the WHOLE day!?

Well let’s hear it from a seasoned pro – how to focus on recovery,

October 20, 2017

Eclipsed - A Letter To Myself

"Despite your best efforts to plan and calculate, to hope and scheme, there is no way to know where you will be a year from this moment. A moment anchored by the realization that, like Icarus, there are lines you must be careful not to cross and some forces which can not be overcome..."