December 17, 2014

There Isn't One Recipe for Success

For a long time, I believed that running success was a lot like a math equation. I assumed that the most successful people in the running world had found the secrets to solve the equation. Their fast times and victories were a result of solving the secret equation. But as I prepared to enter the professional world, my paradigm was shifted.

December 16, 2014

Club XC Nationals - Celebration of Grit and Courage

Kristin Metcalf

Going into this weekend it was hard to sit in Seattle and cheer from afar for these women. After competing at Club XC Nationals last year, and seeing first hand what an awesome event it is, I am confident that we will have more Oiselle teams competing at Club XC Nationals in the years to come. Reading through some of our team members' recaps of their races and the experiences they had in Bethlehem, I can't help but feel so proud to be on the same team with such incredible women...