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hometown seattle, washington


Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

Why do you run?
I run for many, many reasons. When I run, I feel like I can conquer anything that I set my mind to -- running related or not. Running makes me stronger both mentally and physically. It shows me that I am much stronger than I think I am and that I am faster than I think I can be. I can always find a goal with running that I can strive towards. And, when I put on my running gear and sneakers, I feel exhilarated, challenged, and happy.

What is your favorite place to run?
Green Lake and the Burke Gilman Trail are my favorite places to run locally in Seattle.

Running gear you can't live without?
I cannot live without my Oiselle Roga Shorts, Simplicity Tank, Arm Warmers, SpiBelt and Garmin GPS watch.

What is your favorite local running store?
I love Super Jock 'n' Jill.

When you're not running where would we find you?
Most likely in the kitchen trying out some new recipe that I've found online/on Pinterest, trying out a new workout with friends, seeking out a new restaurant to try in Seattle, eating froyo, or playing with my ultra-adorable Boston Terrier Lola. Oh, and from now through May, I'll be busy planning my wedding to my best friend!

What is your favorite post-race treat?
I always crave something really salty, really sweet, or really carby after a race...such as a good IPA or milkshake, a slice of pizza, or a cookie. Anything that falls within those guidelines works for me.

Complete the sentence: If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be…
Clueless and my Kindle/iPad. Can't choose one book! I also enjoy reading blogs.

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Race Distance 13.1
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