phyllis ying

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hometown albany, new york


Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
"When you are too tired to run with your legs, run with your heart."

Why do you run?
I feel free and alive when I run. That moment when you're running and everything seems to fall into place: your stride, your pace, your breathing...there is no other feeling like it!

What is your favorite place to run?
Any place with a trail, but most especially Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA (my home turf), or the winding roads just outside of Albany in the autumn.

Running gear you can't live without?
Sunscreen! Gotta protect my skin from UV rays!

What is your favorite local running store?
Fleet Feet Albany or Super Jock and Jill in Seattle.

When you're not running where would we find you?
Studying either at school, home, or a cafe.

What is your favorite post-race treat?
Ice cold lemonade on hot days, or a warm apple pie on cold days.

Complete the sentence: If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be…
Right now, I'd say: Star Trek and some kind of adventure book for kids.


phyllis's favorites

Race Distance 13.1 for road: 25k for trail
Workout Long slow distance but with some pick up's in the middle
Pump Up Song Lunar - David Guetta