nicole hart

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hometown boiling springs, pennsylvania


Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
“It is suppose to be hard: hard is what it makes it great." - Jimmy Dugan

Why do you run?
I run because I love it. It makes me strong and healthy. I hope to inspire my children to live a healthy lifestyle.

What is your favorite place to run?
I am loving the local trails, including the Appalachian Trail in PA.

Running gear you can't live without?
Compression socks for long runs. I love the support on my lower legs and my recovery is much better.

What is your favorite local running store?
Right now I like the Appalachian Running Company in Carlisle, PA.

When you're not running where would we find you?
Teaching fitness classes, leading running groups at the local Military base, and driving my kids around of course!

What is your favorite post-race treat?
Veggie burger, sweet potato fries and a beer.

Complete the sentence: If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be…
Forrest Gump and any of the Harry Potter books.

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