heather lieberg

Helena, MT

haute volée Since: 2013
hometown helena, montana


Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
Believe...this has always been a word that I say over and over before a race. I have put it on some of my race bibs as well.

Why do you run?
I run for so many reasons. I love to compete, it makes me feel good about myself. I love to eat and I enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places.

What is your favorite place to run?
I love to run in the mountains away from the city noise.

Running gear you can't live without?
I started to get hooked on compression shorts and I love a cute bright running tank.

What is your favorite local running store?
Universal Athletics

When you're not running where would we find you?
At home being a mother to my 3 children or shopping.

What is your favorite post-race treat?
This is a tough one...I would say my favorite treat after a race is anything Mexican and an ice cold beer or two.

Complete the sentence: If I was stranded in a hotel room with one movie and one book, they would be…
Bridesmaid and any romance novel.

personal records

13.1 1:13:42
26.2 2:34:06

racing highlights

2016 - USATF Olympic Trials Marathon - 16th place
2015 - USATF Marathon Championship - 5th place
2014 - Twin Cities Marathon/US Championship - 2nd place